Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 11

How to Use Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 11

You don’t need to do much to establish a remote desktop connection on Windows 11. It comes with a built-in tool that helps establish a remote connection, allowing you to see and use a desktop from another location.  

For the Professional and Enterprise editions, the tool also allows remote computing through a host PC. This means you can control the PC and use its applications.  

How to Access Remote Desktop Connection Tool? 

Here are some ways you can access the Remote Connection tool on Windows 11: 

With Search Tool 

Much like Windows 10, Windows 11 also has a dedicated search tool to look up apps, files, and utilities.  

The search bar is represented by the magnifying glass icon on the taskbar. Click on it and type ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ and select ‘Run as an administrator’ to launch the app.  

Remote Desktop Connection on Windows 11 Run as Admin

With Run Tool 

Another easy way to quickly access the Remote Desktop Connection app is through the good old Run tool.  

  • Right-click on the Windows icon or press Windows + X to open the WinX menu. 
  • Select Run from this menu. 
  • Type mstsc and click Ok. 

This will open the Remote Desktop Connection tool. 

With Windows Terminal 

You can also use this tool through the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. However, in Windows 11, both these terminals have been combined to find what is called the Windows Terminal.  

Here’s how you can launch the Remote Desktop Connection tool with Windows Terminal: 

  • Click on Windows icon/Start and click on All apps. 
  • Select Windows Terminal. 
  • Open a new tab and select either Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. 
  • Type in mstsc and press Enter. 

Using File Explorer 

It may help to know where this tool’s folders are located. Also, you can access it through File Explorer when you know where it is.  

  • Click on the Folder icon (File Explorer) from the taskbar. 
  • Under This PC, go to the Local Disk (C:). 
  • Then go to Program > Windows Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection. 

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection with the Tool 

If you have the Professional or Enterprise version of Windows, you can use a tool on the host PC to establish the connection. Here’s how you can do this: 

  • Go to Settings and select the Remote Desktop option from the navigation. 
  • Turn the slider on. 
  • Click on Confirm when the Remote Desktop Settings prompt appears. 

Although optional, it’s recommended to check the option ‘Require devices to use the Network Level Authentication Connect.’ This will ensure that only authorized devices can make the remote connection, protecting your PC.  

Now, you can use the login credentials on another PC to connect with this host PC. You can use the Remote Windows Desktop connection tool or another third-party tool to connect another PC to the host one.  

How to Create Remote Desktop Connection Shortcut on Desktop 

If you have to use a PC remotely frequently, you may want an easier shortcut on the desktop. Here’s how you can create one: 

  • Right-click on desktop wallpaper and click on New then Shortcut. 
  • Type in the textbox %windir%\system32\mstsc.exe and click on Next. 
  • Type Remote Desktop Connection and press Finish. 

The shortcut will appear on the desktop right away.  

You can also pin the shortcut to the taskbar by right-clicking and selecting Show more options and Pin to Taskbar.  

Wrap Up 

Creating a remote connection on Windows 11 PCs with Professional or Enterprise editions is pretty easy. There are multiple ways to use this WIndows accessory. You can use any of your preferred third-party tools for establishing a connection and viewing or even controlling the remote desktop.  

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