How to Play Nintendo Switch Games on PC

Nintendo Switch has been a ravishing success in the world of gaming and for all the right reasons. Although it’s an affordable mini gaming console, some may find the price tag still somewhat high. Some may want to enjoy its games, both classic and new, on a bigger screen.  

So is there a way to play Nintendo Switch games on PC? 

Well, there is, and it’s called an emulator. You can even play Android games on a PC using an emulator.  

An emulator is software that emulates another device on your PC, hence the name. So basically, it creates a Nintendo Switch environment on the PC, allowing you to play games you would traditionally play on the Switch device itself.  

However, there aren’t that many options for emulators for Nintendo Switch as there are for Android. The reason for this is that Nintendo Switch has proven difficult to emulate, so not many companies and developers have been able to do so.  

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators for PC 

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators for PC 

There are essentially two emulators for Nintendo Switch: yuzu and Ryujinx.  


yuzu is considered the best Nintendo Switch emulator for PC as it can support most of the games and runs pretty smoothly. It has seen major improvements over the year that has allowed gamers to enjoy Switch games like the Legend of Zelda: BOTW on their big PC screen.  

It comes from the makers of another Nintendo emulator, Citra. However, keep one thing in mind that you may not be able to play every Switch game, but the most popular ones work seamlessly.  

This emulator can both work on Windows and Linux PCs. But most importantly, it supports high resolution. If you use the emulator on a gaming PC, you’ll see even better performance.  



Ryujinx is relatively simpler than yuzu, so if you find the former a bit difficult, you can use this one to play your favorite Switch games. However, in terms of performance, yuzu still takes the cake.  

The good thing is that it doesn’t just work for PC, it can also be used for Mac and Linux computers. In fact, it’s the only option for Mac users.  

It also features a built-in resolution adjustment, so you don’t have to do much. If your PC can support a better resolution, it will automatically adjust the games according to that.  

Can You Play All Nintendo Switch Games on PC? 

Whether you use yuzu or Ryujinx, there are some games you may not be able to play so well. These emulators do play these games but the performance and resolution are far from ideal, which is why you’d be better off avoiding these.  

Generally speaking, the lesser demanding games run better. But performance may also depend on your PCs resources. You may see faster performance of the emulator with a gaming PC with generous memory and the latest processor.  

Wrap Up 

So you can play Nintendo Switch using yuzu or Ryujinx Nintendo Switch emulators. These are both free emulators that you can download directly onto your PC.  

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