How to Manage Your Android Device from a PC

How to Manage Your Android Device from a PC

You may want to use and control your Android device using a PC. Perhaps you want to multitask on the PC, or you’re doing something on your phone that can be done better on a bigger screen.  

Whatever the reason may be for you to use your Android device on a PC, there are several apps that can help you do just that.  

This can also come in handy when you have to transfer large files from mobile to PC or vice versa.  

So here are five apps that you can use to manage your Android device from a PC: 


Airdroid is hands-down the most popular app for connecting and using Android devices on a PC screen. It’s quite feature-rich, which basically allows you to do everything you would do on the physical Android device on your PC.  

It allows messages and notifications from almost all apps on the device. You can also seamlessly transfer files from phone to PC with this app.  

You’ll need to download the app on your phone and access it through the web version for the desktop.  


If you just want to manage the Android device for the purpose of accessing pictures, videos, and files, the Airmore app is the answer.  


It can also help you stream music and vidoes from the phone using the PC. All photos are well-organized by date and time, so you can move them to PC easily while controlling the phone from PC—no need for cables whatsoever.  


If you’re just looking to mirror your phone onto the PC, the Vysor app is the best option. It’s particularly great for Android app developers who may want to test their apps right there on the PC, using their phone as a sort of emulator.  

While it’s a paid app, you can also get the free version with limited functionality. More importantly, you can configure settings to get better speed.  


DeskDock is one of the few such apps that allow total control of the Android device from PC. This means you can use your mouse and keyboard to do everything on the phone, while it just sits somewhere near.  

This is a viable option for both developers who need to test iterations quickly and casual users who just want to multitask and reply to texts without needing to touch the phone.  


For those who also want to access the camera of the phone from the PC, ConnectMe can make that possible. It allows streaming and transfer of videos and audios from the Android device. You can also stream the camera view of the phone, which can come in handy for filming purposes.

You can also use messaging apps and social media apps easily right from the PC. It sends notifications directly to the mobile screen on the PC.

Wrap Up 

There are plenty of apps to manage your Android device, mobile or tablet, from PC. However, not all of them give total control, and nor they should per se. However, you can get notifications, message friends, and stream videos too.  


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