Google Play Games on PC

Google is Bringing Android Games to Windows in 2022

Ever since the dawn of smartphones and tablets, mobile gaming has been popular on both iOS and Android. 

However, until now it was only Apple users that could play iOS games on their desktop without using an emulator. That is, until Google announced it would bring Android Games to Windows in 2022. 

So keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the latest announcement from Google. 

Android Gaming on Windows 

Android gaming on Windows isn’t really new. The go-to method for playing so far has been to use emulators on Windows. Emulators such as BlueStacks can let Android gamers play a wide variety of Android games on their machines. 

Recently, however, there has been a shift from third-party software providers to official platforms for running Android apps and playing Android games. Microsoft recently launched support for Android apps on the Windows 11 insiders programs, through the Amazon app store. 

The latest game-changing announcement came from Google at the Game Awards 2021. Now, Google Play is working on a stand-alone application, Google Play Games on PC. This new Windows app will let Windows users play games directly from the Google Play Store. 

For long-time Windows Android gamers, this news may be a game-changer. Now, instead of relying on third-party emulators, gamers can simply download and play their favourite titles on Windows at the click of a button. 

Android Games on PC

What Can I Play on Google Play Games on PC? 

As Google just recently announced Google Play Games on PC, there is no confirmed list of titles that users will be able to play on the new platform. 

What’s more, it’s still unclear how well some games that are optimized for mobile gaming will port over to Windows. 

That said, expect to see some classic Android gaming titles with the release of Google Play Games on PC, as well as newer competitive games. Companies like Netflix have already announced releasing exclusive game titles for Android gamers. 

What Other Features Will Google Play Games on PC Support? 

Google Play Games on PC will support pausing and resuming gaming sessions. This will let gamers leave playing their game for a while but resume wherever they left off. 

So far, there are no plans to incorporate game streaming on the new app. However, that’s not to say that streaming will not be supported down the line in a future update. 

Google Play Games on PC will run on Windows devices supporting Windows 10 or above. So if you have an older version of Windows, you’ll need to upgrade your device’s Windows version to enjoy Google Play Games on PC. 

Finally, the app will also have cross-platform support. So whether you’re on your Android phone, tablet, laptop, or Windows PC, you can continue the gaming experience smoothly from where you left off on any platform. 

Final Thoughts 

As more people use smartphones worldwide, Android games will also continue to grow in popularity. 

With Google Play Games on PC, gamers will no longer need to have an Android device or use an emulator to play their favorite Android games 

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