Google Changes How Search Results for News Appears on Desktop

Google Changes How Search Results for News Appears on Desktop

If Google is your go-to for news regarding anything, you’ll now notice that the result page looks different on desktop now. It’s now actually similar to how it appears when you search it on a mobile browser.  

The new design groups together the results regarding a news search. Keep in mind that this change is mainly how news stories appear. So you’ll see it when you search for news.  

Google claims the change will align with how the news appears in search results on mobile devices. They are the most common devices for searching and reading news anyways. But more importantly, Google says the change will organize results better and present relevant news from multiple sources to provide perspective and context.  

So What Changed? 

Previously, when you searched for news on Google search, the news articles would appear in a format that is commonly referred to as carousel format.  

It was represented by a slideshow of boxes containing news articles that you could slide through and click on one to view. Some people call it a top news carousel sometimes.  

This carousel design has been replaced by boxes presented vertically, often grouped together as well. For instance, local news sources may be grouped in one box. Similarly, top news would be grouped together in a box at the top, so you get the latest about a certain subject from various sources.  

For instance, if you searched for ‘stock market news,’ the news stories will appear grouped in boxes, starting with top stories at the beginning of the search results.  

This change has come to the desktop version of Google, as the design is already in use for the mobile version. Also, it appears that the change hasn’t impacted all kinds of news search, as some search results appear as a mix of news stories and other informational search results like Wikipedia.  

How Does the Change Impact Your Search? 

Well, as Google claims, this new design and algorithm of presenting news will make the results much more comprehensive. It will also present news from multiple sources, not just the recent ones. This will allow you a more wholesome view of news, mixing both local and international websites.  

Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) model for new presentation has already helped the company improve its search algorithm through advanced machine learning techniques.  

There’s a reason why Google is the most used web browser in the world because it shows exactly what you want to see through learning how the users search the internet.  

Now, with this new presentation style, as opposed to the carousel news, people have access to more resources to get their daily news dose for whatever they are interested in.  

If you’re only interested in reading news, you’ll be better off searching in the news section of Google, which searches for news articles on news and magazine websites, making the search even more refined.  

We have yet to see how users will respond to this new search result appearance on Google on desktop devices.  

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