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4 Games like Sudoku You Never Played Before!

Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The main objective in the game is to fill all the boxes in the 9 X 9 grid with numbers in such a way that all the rows, columns and sub-grids of 3 X 3 contains all the digits from 1  to 9. It is a great brain testing game and you will definitely enjoy playing it. However, if you have already played Sudoku then there are different puzzle games that can test your brain skills. So, if you enjoy playing games like Sudoku then you need to read this article to the end as we have created a list of puzzle games that you should try.

Move the Box

This game is quite entertaining and also test your brain skills. The game is about the boxes that you have to move in a group of three. If you’re able to line the boxes of the same color in sequence then the boxes will disappear. If not then you might find it hard to complete the level. In the game, you can move the box either horizontally or vertically and there are only a limited number of moves you can make so you should be very careful while placing each box. There’s also an undo button through which you can undo any bad move.

Move the Box

The game has more than 600 levels and as you move to the upper levels, the game gets more challenging so it is a great game for testing your problem-solving skills.

Clockwork Brain

Clockwork Brain is another excellent puzzle game and a great alternative to Sudoku. In the game, there are different miniseries and each miniseries is different from the other. So, you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Clockwork Brain will test your memory, logic, and thinking so you have to keep an eye on every little detail. There is a robot that will help you in the game. The game has more than 20 different levels and you can unlock some extra puzzles as well. So, if you’re looking for a fast-paced game that is not about numbers only then you should download Clockwork Brain right now.


2048 is one of the best puzzle games that will keep you engaged for quite some time. The game has a simple design and is quite easy to learn. It doesn’t mean that you can complete all levels without using your brain skills. You have to focus on the game if you want to progress further in-game. It is just like chess where you have to think about your move before the next step.

2048 Sudoku Game

The main objective in the game is to get 2048 numbers in one square which is quite hard to get as the game is designed in such a way. If you’re able to do it then you move on to the next level and with each level the difficulty increases.

7 Little Words

It is another engaging puzzle game that will keep testing your brain and keep you entertained at the same time. 7 little words is a simple puzzle game where you will be given 7 different clues and from the clues, you have to find the right word that describes all the clues. It is not easy as it seems as it gets tougher with each passing level. You can use hints as well in the game that will help you pass any level in which you’re stuck. With hints, you can find out the first letter of the word or you can find the tile of the correct answer.

These are some of the games that are like Sudoku and we have that you will give these games a try if you want to play some alternatives of Sudoku. If you try any of the above-mentioned games then let us know if you’ve liked it or not.

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