3 Games Like Neopets to Start Playing Right Away!

From counting potatoes to spinning the wheel of fortune, Neopets is a virtual portal that offers dozens of games where players can have fun and enjoy their time. Despite being released almost 2 decades ago, Neopets is still quite popular among enthusiasts and its wide range of quizzes and mini-games have made it one of the best communities on the planet.  

Although Neopets isn’t the only place where you can join a virtual world and hunt for points, there’s a handful of games like Neopets on the market that offer similar vibes as well. In today’s roundup, we’ve gathered the best games like Neopets that you can play right away. 


Very much inspired by Neopets, Goatlings is an MMO-fantasy virtual portal where players can sign up and get going by choosing an avatar of their choice. Players can select a goatling and roam around the never-ending world, hunting for new opportunities, ways to score more points, and much more. The fun just doesn’t end here. Players can communicate with their friends through Goatlings and engage in most competitive games and quizzes.  

Goatlings is similar to Neopets in more ways than one could imagine. Having to raise goats, teaching them new things, and exploring everything from the deepest dungeons to the highest hills, Goatlings is full of possibilities and that fact alone makes it one of the best alternatives to Neopets.  

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 

Nintendo’s infamous Animal Crossing franchise is one of the best social-simulation games we’ve seen in a while. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, particularly, brings loads of fun and opportunities for players who enjoy MMOs like Neopets. Consisting of a wide world where players can engage with a large audience, all while exploring the narrowest streets of the villages.  

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing’s unique gameplay with a lot on the offering will remind you a lot of Neopets. And the naturally occurring challenges and hurdles along the way will make you realize that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is similar to Neopets in more ways than one could imagine. For someone looking to have fun in animal-themed civilizations, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is highly recommended.  

Animal Jam 

While others excel at offering a wide narrative into the virtual pet world, Animal Jam focuses on teaching things, engaging with friends, and taking care of your pet. An award-winning virtual simulator, Animal Jam is an exciting virtual game where players can choose animals of their choice and lead an exciting campaign. From going on adventures to discovering the wide world, Animal Jam’s core ideas are quite similar to Neopets.  

Moreover, in this free-to-play online multiplayer virtual world, players can create their own den, customize their avatars and hang out with their friends. Fortunately, players can team up for adventures and win exciting prizes and gems, which they can further use to purchase premium items in the game. Lastly, Animal Jam’s at its heart is an exciting animal-themed game that’s bombarded with random animal facts and encourages you to learn more about your favorite animals. 

Players who enjoy Neopets are likely to have a good time in Animal Jam. If you’re craving some animal-themed adventure title then we highly recommend giving Animal Jam a shot. You won’t regret it.  

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