Games Like Battle Cats

3 Games Like Battle Cats You Must Start Playing Today!

From taking down the deadliest moths to dismantling giant monsters from the deep ends of the realm, Battle Cats has it all. The battle-hardened cats clawing their way to victory is the highlight of this single-player strategy-based game. Over the years, Battle Cats had millions of users and it is one of the best strategy games you’ll find on the app store. 

However, the world doesn’t stop here just yet, there are a few more similar games like Battle Cats on the market that you should get your hands on to get the thrill of a genuine strategic-based game. Our round-up today will feature some of the finest games like Battle Cats, which you should experience at least once in your life.  

Clash of Clans  

Supercell’s best grossing game of the years on repeat, Clash of Clan is a real-time strategy-based game that gives its competitors a run for their money. From offering scenario-based campaigns to raiding and defending against the mightiest warriors, Clash of Clan is a must-play if you’ve enjoyed Battle Cats.  

Clash of Clans

Much like Battle Cats, COC also requires you to plan strategies and cook specific troops for each base coupled with the most effective spells. Whether it’s a rage spell that’ll do the job for you or if it is the frozen one, strategy is the key if you’d like to succeed in Clash of Clans. Furthermore, unlike Battle Cats, Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game and it is highly addictive. 

Plants Vs Zombies  

One of the most iconic beat’em up and strategy-based games of our time, Plants Vs Zombies features unique gameplay that’ll remind you a lot of Battle Cats. In Plants Vs Zombies, players have to defend their backyard from the zombies using various kinds of plants, each one having its own strengths and abilities.  

And much like Battle Cats, each new level in Plants Vs Zombies is harder than the last, making the game even more fun and competitive. Furthermore, there are a lot of elements in PvZ that are quite similar to Battle Cats and the mechanics are pretty much the same as well. If someone is craving a strategy-based game with the elements of a beat’em up then Plants Vs Zombies is worth a shot.  

Crash Fever 

Crash Fever is one of the leading puzzle games on the market that resembles a lot with Battle Cats. Much like Candy Crush, players have to put together a chain of crystals and break them when they’re perfectly aligned with the same color crystals. And with each chain broken, the enemies on the battlefield will be dealt with great damage. 

Crash Fever

Moreover, Crash Fever features a multiplayer mode as well when you can invite players from around the world and make duels even more interesting. Having access to the rare breeds of heroes, your friends might just be the key to defeating the most fierce enemies. Lastly, Crash Fever might not resemble Battle Cats in its bright and vivid gameplay, however, the core idea of the game is quite similar to Battle Cats and you’ll have similar vibes while playing Crash Fever.  


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