Angry Birds

3 Games Like Angry Birds That’ll Make You Go Bonkers!

Revolutionizing the puzzle games for once and all, Angry Birds will forever be seen as one of the finest mobile games we’ve seen to date. The thrill and the euphoria it offered were other-worldly and the fond memories of the game that we have will be cherished forever. However, there are a few games like Angry Birds that do require your attention as well. 

Today, we’ve rounded up all the similar games to Angry Birds that deserve recognition and if you’re tired of playing Angry Birds all over again, a few other games like Angry Birds will spark joy in your life. Stick with us as we discuss our picks for the best games like Angry Birds on the market.  


Much like Angry Birds, Fragger is a trajectory-based game where players are required to blow their enemies to pieces with a frag. For those who are new to combat-related games, the frag is a word used for Grenades. Moving on, players are required to take out all the enemies using a limited supply of frags.  

Each new level is more difficult than the last, which alone makes Fragger more interesting and the entertaining gameplay makes you want to keep coming back. For those who are looking for a similar experience, Fragger is the closest you can get to Angry Bird.  



A game that’s played while keeping Newton Laws in mind, Blosics is another trajectory-based game where players are required to take down mighty blocks with the help of a blob. No Angry Birds here, sorry, but, the vibes and the gameplay are quite similar to the one offered in Angry Birds. Furthermore, the game is quite easy to master as the mechanics of the game are straightforward and easy to understand. 

The game has many levels and each one brings new challenges for the player. Similar to Angry Birds, players must try to get the maximum score to get 3 stars and move onto the next level. The challenging gameplay in Blosics will definitely satisfy someone who craves some variety in their gaming experience.  

Plants Vs Zombies 

One of the finest action-strategic-based games ever released, Plant Vs Zombies offers a memorable experience that players will love. After all, taking down zombies in your backyard with the help of your plants is something that you don’t do every day. However, the addictive nature of the game will make you want to kill zombies all day long because Plant Vs Zombies is extremely addictive.  

Similar to Angry Birds, players are tasked with shooting down the enemies that endanger their existence. In a sense, the gameplay and the narration between the two games are completely different, however, the central idea is quite similar and it is to survive each wave of the enemy and fasten your seat belt for the next challenge.  


Craving some titles similar to Angry Birds? These handful of games are one of the best that you’ll find in the realm. From offering amusing pleasure for countless hours to getting stuck on a single level for the whole day, pushing your determination and devotion towards the game, these games have it all and it makes them the best of the lot.  


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