Best Games Like 7 Days to Die to Play on Steam!

If you’re looking for games like 7 days to die then you’re in the right place. Because in this article we are going to tell you about the survival games that are similar to 7 days to die. 

7 Days to Die is a great survival horror video game which is developed by Fun Pimps. The game was originally released for Windows and Linux but in 2016 the game was published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is set in the fictional county of Navezgane, Arizona. It is one of the few areas that are left after the nuclear third World War. The main objective for the player is to survive and fend off attacks from the zombies that are populating the area of Navezgane. It is a great game and you will definitely enjoy playing it.  

However, if you have already played this game then we have listed out some of the games that offer similar gameplay to the one you get in 7 Days to Die.  

Games like 7 Days to Die

Raft – Survive the Water 

Raft is an excellent survival game which is published by Axolot Games. The game starts from the middle of the ocean where the player has a raft and hook through which the player has to collect different items. By collecting items, the player can improve the raft to stop the attack from a shark that is always near the raft. You can also swim in the ocean to collect the items that are necessary for you to survive. However, you have to be careful as you risk getting killed by the shark. If you like playing survival games then Raft is the best game you can play right now. The only problem is that Raft is only available on Microsoft Windows so only PC users can play this game.  

Days Gone 

Days Gone is another great survival game that was released in 2019 by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation. In May 2021, the PC version of the game was released for Windows users. The game is about a drifter Deacon St John who is trying to find his wife. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Oregon. In the game, the player has a motorcycle which is the only thing that will help you to explore the world. So, you have to be careful about the fuel in the motorcycle while exploring the world as you take on different challenges. It’s quite an interesting game and you will enjoy it. 


If you’re looking for the best zombie survival game then DayZ is the best game that you can play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game is about a zombie outbreak and you have to keep yourself alive from the attacks of zombies. In the game, you have to explore the area to find different supplies that are important for your survival.  


There are many survival games that you can play on consoles and PC but the ones we have mentioned in this article are a must if you’re looking for games like 7 Days to Die.   


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