Best Free Windows 10 Apps You Need On Your Computer

While Windows 10 has plenty of useful built-in apps, you can do so much more with more apps, many of which are absolutely free. Like mobile applications, apps for Windows are dramatically increasing as well.

For this list, we have decided to stay away from the obvious ones like Google Chrome, Mozilla Fox, Sticky Notes, or VLC Media Player, as most people use them or at least know about them.  

So here are some great free apps for Windows 10 you should use: 

Google Drive 

Ok, this is a well-known one, but it deserves mentioning because many people still use the browser version of Google Drive to upload and manage their pictures and files. However, by installing the app directly on Windows, you’ll make your life easier.  

It will also help sync your cloud storage from multiple devices, so you can use Google Drive on your phone and PC to back everything in one place.  


LastPass is a password manager app for Windows 10 that will make it easier to log into different websites and applications. If you’re someone who easily forgets their password, this will be a life-saver. No more resetting passwords every time you need to log in. 


Flipboard is a great app for combining news and social media in one place. Rather than checking your social media accounts separately, you can get everything in one place on this app’s feed.  

You can easily customize it to show you news and articles as well that interest you.  


TreeSize Free 

TreeSize Free has both free and paid versions. It’s an application that helps manage and optimize disk storage, which is a common problem for many Windows 10 users, especially with older models with limited storage. It will help you detect what is taking a lot of space in your disk.  

It can come in handy when it’s disk clean-up time. The tool can give you a big picture view of all your storage.  

Mozilla Thunderbird 

If you’re not a fan of the Mail app on Windows 10, you can give Mozilla Thunderbird a try. It’s a free email app with a sophisticated and simple interface. The good thing is you can sign in with multiple accounts from different email providers.  

You can also consolidate your emails from different accounts. It also features easy-to-use filters to make email search quick.  


Malwarebytes is hands-down the best free anti-malware for Windows 10 that everyone should install to protect their computers from malware. It can scan for malware and not only detect it, but also get rid of it just in time.  

Many users give rave reviews for this anti-malware, which you can use even in addition to Windows Defender and any anti-virus that you may have, free or paid. Make sure to run it every week to keep the device safe.  

Flashback Express 

Want to record your desktop screen? Try Flashback Express, a free Windows 10 app to record your screen, webcam, or audio. 

You can record the entire screen, a window, or even just a particular section of the screen. You can keep it going without time limits or set a start and stop time. It doesn’t even put any kind of watermarks on the recordings.  


7-Zip can help you extract any kind of file on Windows. It’s a free app, unlike WinZip, which can even help you access archived files, no matter the extension.  

You can also use it for compressing large files and folders to upload online or send via email. You can even add password protection to these compressed files.  


GIMP is a great photo editing app for Windows that has an easy user interface packed with a lot of features you would usually find in paid software. You can create clones of pictures, add effects, or heal to fix the quality.  

Since it’s open-source, there are many new plugins for it you can use.  


Don’t worry if you haven’t subscribed to Adobe Acrobat; you can use PDFEscape to edit your PDFs. The basic version of the app is free and is pretty decent for people who occasionally need to fill in forms and edit documents saved as PDF. The only limit is that file should be 10 MB or less and have less than 100 pages.  

Wrap Up 

These apps cover most of your basic computing needs, so with all of these apps on your computer, you can do so much without paying a penny. 

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