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3 Apps Like Yubo to Make Friends Around the World!

For extroverts, apps like Yubo present as an opportunity to meet people without ever having to leave the comfort of your warm blanket. On Yubo, users can meet people from every corner of the globe and make new friends, learn about their culture, and create an unbreakable bond.  

Fortunately, Yubo isn’t the only place where you could do that. There are a few more apps like Yubo on the market that connect you to the world and help you meet new people. In today’s round-up, we’ll be discussing the best alternatives to Yubo that you can try right away.  


Omegle is one of the largest social networking apps where people could socialize and meet with people from every corner of the world. Whether it’s someone showing their magic tricks or beat-boxing off their head, Omegle is a place where you could meet many interesting fellas.  


Moreover, Omegle is free to use and also features an anonymous mode where people can video chat with people without ever sharing their identity. Furthermore, Omegle is a safe and trusted app, but you can never be too careful. Nevertheless, Omegle is the best alternative to Yubo on the market.  


Bumble provides the opportunity to connect with people who impress you the most. An app like Yubo, Bumble also offers countless opportunities to connect with people from around you and the world. Whether it’s just chatting or doing video calls, Bumble can come in very handy if you’re looking to make new connections in the world.  

Bumble has millions of registered users from around the world and users have the freedom to connect with anyone they find interesting. Instead of anonymously stalking someone, Bumble offers up a chance to hit’ém up right away to connect with them.  


Spotafriend is one of the best apps on the market that resembles Yubo. Spotafriend offers an opportunity where people can swipe right on the person of their interest and connect with them and experience something new and entirely unique. Moreover, in the days of COVID when it’s almost impossible to meet anyone new, Spotafriend offers up an opportunity of a lifetime. 


Spotafriend is much like Yubo and unlike other social networking apps on the market, it features original accounts and genuinely helps you reach out to new people. Whether you’re looking for a new friend to chat up or looking for a gaming buddy, Spotafriend is the place to be. 


An extraordinary social-networking app, Wizz is like Yubo in more ways than one can imagine. Using the right-swipe interface, it offers an opportunity to connect with people of our own liking. And once both people have swiped right, they can connect right away and start chatting and engaging in many challenges.  

Furthermore, Wizz isn’t limited to only chatting. Users can send out their favorite pics of their cats, interesting videos, and funny GIFs on their feed. And with the opportunity to tag in your interests and likings, Wizz makes sure you meet people of your own interest. In short, Wizz is one of the best apps like Yubo on the market and it is highly recommended.  

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