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4 Best Apps like Turo That Can Drive You Crazy!

Thinking about renting out your car? You’ll want to check out Turo. It is a car-sharing app where users can privately rent out their personal cars at the price of their own asking. Turo has quickly become one of the best apps on the market and its unique offerings make it one of the best places to rent a car.  

Fortunately, Turo isn’t the only place where you can rent out cars or get rentals. There are a few other apps on the market that offer similar services. Today, we’ve rounded up all the best alternatives to Turo that you could try.  


Zipcar makes it easier for users to book a rental. Much like Turo, it is also a car-sharing app where users can book a car of their own liking and set the day/hour limit on the car. Whether it’s a hatchback or a mini-van, Zipcar has a large variety of cars available at your disposal. Furthermore, Zipcar offers reasonable prices for their cars and the economy package is very suitable for someone looking for a weekend getaway. 


For those who don’t own a car or are visiting a new city, Zipcar is the perfect app that’ll solve all your traveling concerns. If you’re looking for apps like Turo, ZipCar is without any doubt, one of the best contenders.  


Hertz is another car-sharing app on the market that people could use to get access to a large variety of cars in their area. Whether it is an economical car like the Prius or a fancy ride like BMW i8, Hertz offers incredible collections of cars that you just can’t pass on. Furthermore, Hertz users only pay for hours their rides have been on the road, much like Turo.  

In the times of COVID, you can never be too careful. Fortunately, all the cars that are listed on Hertz are regularly sanitized, making them extremely safe for the users. If you’re thinking about booking rides for reasonable prices, Hertz is another convenient app where you book the car of your likings.  


With Getaround, users can have access to a fleet of vehicles in just a few minutes. Requiring just a valid image of a driver’s license, Getaround offers an opportunity to book cars of your own liking and take them anywhere you want. And much Turo, you only have to pay for the hours you’ve used the vehicle instead of paying for the whole day.  

GetAround Cars

Without the need for hassling, users can safely get access to the vehicles at safe locations using the Getaround app. Without ever having to confront the original owners, users can drive the vehicle away and negotiate on their own terms. In short, Getaround is one of the best and easiest to use car-sharing apps on the market that’s worth your time and money if you’re looking to book or rent out your cars.  

GIG Car  

GIG car isn’t an international car-sharing app, instead, it only works in selected states in the United States. But, its fleet of hybrid and semi-hybrid cars has made it one of the most popular car-sharing apps in places like San Francisco, Sacramento, and Seattle. Moreover, since GIG Car-sharing company mostly focuses on hybrid/electric cars, the rentals are quite affordable and would cost you as low as $30 per hour for a Toyota Prius/Aqua. 

One of the best perks of GIG Car is that it offers insurance for fuel, parking, and the car itself, making it one of the safest apps on the market. Lastly, booking a car on GIG car is the easiest. Users can directly reserve a car they’d like to rent and instantly get access to it without any hurdles.  

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