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3 Apps Like TextNow to Send Messages for Free!

TextNow is one of the most popular texting/calling apps that provide the user with the facility of a second number which can be used to text or call real numbers with the help of mobile data or Wifi. TextNow is different from apps like WhatsApp where you have to use the existing mobile number to call or text.  

In TextNow, you can choose the second number of your choice without any other sim card. Just download the app and sign-up with the email address or Facebook account then choose any number you like. With that number, you can text or call any other person. However, there are some downsides of TextNow such as the ads that appear in the app which can be quite annoying. So, if you don’t want to see these ads then you can get the premium package of the app. 

However, there are some apps like TextNow that provide great calling/text service with fewer advertisements on the app interface. So, if you want to try some alternative apps of TextNow then you need to read the article to the end.     

Google Voice 

Google Voice

Google Voice is undoubtedly the best app for using the telephone service over the internet. The best thing about Google Voice is that it is free of cost and you can get the US phone number by linking your Google account. Google Voice has desktop versions as well so if anyone wants to use the app on desktop then they can head over to Google Voice official website then enter login details to make calls or receive calls or messages on their desktop.  

You don’t get any kind of ads in Google Voice but the options you get in the app are limited. To get all the services of Google Voice, you need to buy the monthly subscription package of the app. In the US, you can make free domestic calls. However, if you want to make an international call then you have to top-up your balance.  


TextPlus is another great app for calling and texting over the internet. It is similar to TextNow but there are some features that are not available in TextNow such as the sign-up process is quite easy in TextPlus. You don’t need any email address, just enter your username and you can use all the app services. There are advertisements in the app but they can be removed by paying some subscription fee. 

The best thing TextPlus is that you get different subscription options like if you want to remove the ads for a day then you have to pay just five cents for it. If you want to remove the ads for a whole week then you need to pay around 0.25$ which is quite cheap. However, the subscription package will not be renewed automatically and you have to do it manually if you want to use the ad-free service of the app. 



TextFree is another alternative that you can use to make calls and send texts on the phone number. The functionality and features of the app are similar but the interface of the app is good when you compare it with TextNow. Just like TextNow, you need an email address to get the number of your choice. The only thing about TextFree is that it gives your number to some other user if you haven’t used it in the last 30 days. But, with the premium package keep the number forever. 

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